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About Us

Initially established in 2011, Mendace Properties is a boutique property brokerage specialising in the sales and leasing of industrial and commercial properties. We source and market exising properties, as well as facilitate tenant driven and turnkey developments. Our expertise lies in understanding your business needs, sourcing the right property, and negotiating the best deal for you.

What We Do


Mendace Properties is a boutique brokerage specialising in the marketing of industrial and commercial properties on behalf of landlords, both institutional and private. We do this in order to secure potential, qualified, tenants and purchasers.

We source warehouses, factories, and offices for end users and investors by doing an initial needs assessment in order to determine their exact requirements. This process involves trying to understand what their operation involves and taking into consideration:


  • The total size of the facility required and the space breakdown (office space, warehouse, mezzanine, yard space etc.)
  • Detailed specifications in terms of warehouse height, number of doors, door access, power requirements, lighting, operational flow etc.
  • Number of staff and office configuration (open plan vs individual offices, number of floors)
  • Timing requirements, time it will take to move, potential downtime minimising.


In addition to sourcing and marketing of existing properties we also facilitate new developments for clients when mandated to do so for a variety of reasons, specifically when a client requires a unique, custom design or specification, or wants to maximise efficiencies with more modern technology. This also entails a thorough understanding of the specific need as well as sourcing a potential site.

These developments can be tenant driven whereby a long term lease is signed, or turnkey where the client will opt to purchase the property on completion. There may also be variations where the client will sign a lease with the option to purchase, or even enter into a joint venture with the developer and form a co ownership. We work closely in partnership with very established and well renown developers who have a history of developing prime facilities.

Whether you are considering a new development, or an existing site, or wanting to weight up the two options, we can assist. We also assist with sourcing of development land and land sales.



We understand the complexities behind committing to a lease agreement, not only is it critical to find the right property but also make sure the terms are negotiated fairly and correctly. Having worked in the industry for many years we have a solid understanding and knowledge of realistically achievable market rentals, as well as escalation rates and other terms which have an impact on lease commitments.

Our services include lease auditing whereby we look at your existing lease thoroughly and help you understand the terms and condition of the agreement in laymen terms.

In addition to this we can advise you on your lease renewal, including looking at alternative sites, cost implications and the downtime of moving as well as the terms to initiate the renewal with your landlord. Another option is lease restructuring to try and negotiate renewed terms of an existing lease with your landlord. We have also acted as expert witnesses for legal testimonies.

How We Do It

site assessment

Understanding your needs

We assess your existing operation in order to fully understand your business needs and requirements taking into consideration logistics, budget, workforce, unique requirements and growth factors.

discuss sites

Sourcing the right properties

We source potential sites for you, discuss the various options with you. Then we create a shortlist and do site visits with you in order for you to make an informed decision.

deal negotiation

closing the deal

Once you have decided on the right property for your business we then draft an offer document for you and begin negotiations in order to negotiate the best deal fo you on the righ terms.


Sandro started his career in real estate in 2003 after being involved in the financial services sector. From ground roots in the East Rand industrial property market as a broker in the Pace Property Group team, he gained extensive experience in sales and leasing, as well as property investments and advisory services. He has successfully negotiated transactions with companies, including Mincon, Sasfin Premier Logistics, 3M, Nampak, Sandvik, EWC Express, Reymar Freight, Sportron, Rawlins Wales and Partners, Harcliff Engineering, Prima Bella, and many others.Sandro recently left as head of broking for a well established property group, where he was responsible for heading up, growing, and reinventing the broking division, to continue his career as an independent property professional.Sandro is a qualified Master Practitioner in Real Estate and holds a Bachelor of Technology in Marketing through UNISA.

Sandro Mendace

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